Company History

Spitfire has been supplying high-quality MCT for more than 10 years. At our laboratory in Auckland, New Zealand, we grew the highest quality MCT crystals by a modified Bridgeman technique and processed them into wafers for infrared detector applications. Milestones in our journey include:

  • Nov 2001 - First incorporated as Spitfire Semiconductors Limited
  • Nov 2004 - Spitfire MCT wafers in commercial use
  • Nov 2005 - 1000th wafer produced
  • Jan 2007 - Commenced construction of purpose-built laboratory
  • Nov 2007 - New facility in full operation, 3000th wafer produced
  • Apr 2015 - Company purchased by Advanced Materials Limited

  • Manufacturing of MCT by Spitfire ceased in March 2016 due to unfavourable market conditions. Stocks of the highest quality bulk MCT remain available, suitable for servicing legacy systems, performing materials research or building short runs of specialized MCT sensors.

    Since stock is limited, please contact Spitfire without delay to ensure you can access the specification and quantity that you need. High quality MCT from a reliable independent source will soon no longer be available.

    Spitfire remains involved with the sensor and materials community so if we can't help you with your IR needs, chances are we know someone who can - we welcome any inquiry.

    Our Values

    • Integrity - we do what we say
    • Reliability - we provide secure, consistent product, with no surprises
    • Flexibility - we work with innovation and care to produce the best solution possible
    • Honesty - our communication is friendly, timely and professional
    • Simplicity - we strive to be the easiest company to deal with